About Us

Dingfeng General Merchandise Co,. Ltd., formed in 1998, is an original bags and cases OEM manufacturer specialist in China, a market leader in creating and supply of quality products to major blue-chip company. During our more than 20-year business, we cooperated many famous brand customers, Gillette, Calvin Klein, TOYOTA, Nestle, Dove etc. Our customers are satisfied with our quick sample service, best quality control, on time delivery.


The company creates and manages the brand value for the customers, creates the competitive brand marketing organization!

    Why Choose Us

    Do a good job of everything of the customer and stick to the promise of "Quality First, Service First"

    • Experience

      More than 20-year industrial experience manufacturer, professional management team, strong productive capacity.

    • Quality Assurance
      Quality Assurance

      Carefully selection of raw materials, professional workmanship, strict quality check control.

    • Service

      Provide professional OEM/ODM design advise, timely reply, responsible after sell service on customer feedback.

    • Guarantee

      Product quality 100% satisfaction, or return, reproduction, 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, 0% risk for brand clients.

    • On-Time Delivery
      On-Time Delivery

      5 to 7 days for sample, 30 days for bulk order. Provide sea shipping, air shipping, as well as door to door shipment service.

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      Management Team

      Our management team is responsible for managing other individuals and putting together the business strategy.

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      Sales Team

      All our sales acquire professional product knowledge, as well as providing professional advice.

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      Design Team

      A good design concept is essential. It is not only the essence of the design, but also the work of the design.

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      Production Team

      With more than 20-year experience, our production team focus on every product details, ensuring product quality.

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